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Friday, January 22, 2010

What's on Your iPhone?

I love my iPhone.  It's the most productive, time wasting, fun device I've ever had.  As more of my friends and collegues have also gotten iPhones, I'm frequently asked what apps I use.  Here's what's on my iPhone today.  All are free, unless I noted it. The notable ones are:

Screen 1: (Info Apps)
• Google – Mobile Google with voice searching and other goodies
• Bing – Same as Mobile Google, but has better picture searching
• Dragon Search – A voice searching app
• Newsy – Great little “top stories” news app
• SF News – Local news
• AP Mobile – Associated Press
• White House – Great app with lots of good info
• Stitcher – An audio new aggregator. Listen to radio shows and NPR broadcasts
• BargainBin – Lists free and reduced priced apps

Screen 2: (Utilities)
• Shazam – “Listens” to any song playing on the radio and tells you who it is
• PS Mobile – PaintShop Mobile, let’s you alter your photos
• Pandora – Internet Radio
• Dragon Dictation – Awesome voice to text app. Dictate emails to your iPhone!
• Wikihood – Tells you interesting things about your current location
• Mark the Spot – Let AT&T know about problem areas where you don’t have good signal
• iBART – Great Bay Area Rapid Transit app

Screen 3: (Shopping)
• Shop Nearby – Uses to find anything from nearby stores or online
• CraigsPro – Pretty good craigslist app
• RedLaser – $1.99 (paid for itself over and over). Scan barcodes on items and it will show you the lowest price for it online
• Cheap Gas! – Shows you gas stations nearby and their prices. Includes augmented reality.
• KAYAK – Travel search engine
• WootWatch – Woot!


Screen 4: (Things to Do)
• Yelp – Great app that tells you all sorts of info about what’s around you. Includes augmented reality.
• AroundMe – A lot like Yelp. I think I like this one better.
• OpenTable – Make restaurant reservations
• Flixter – Great app for looking up movies nearby
• PhoneFlicks – Netflix queue management
• Concerts – Tells you about local concerts. Also alerts you when one of the artists on your iPhone is playing nearby.
• EventsFinder – Find local events, fairs, etc.
• Broadcaster – Stream video from your iPhone to a free website
• Planets – Astronomy app
• Bump – Share contacts with other iPhone users running Bump by “bumping” your iPhones together
• TripCase and Worldmate – Travel management apps. Keeps track of flights, hotels, rental cars, etc.

Screen 5: (Games, Fun)
• 3D Aqua Lite – Virtual fishtank
• Zippo Lighter – Great for concerts!
• Lightsaber – Fun!
• Physics Free – Fun physics game
• Unblock Free – Challenging game
• Jungle Crash – Airplane game
• TriDefense – $1.99. Strategy game
• WildWest – Pinball game
• R.Racing GTI – Racing game. Absolutely awesome graphics
• iPirate - $1.99 (free version, too). Shoot ships with your canons.
• MiniSquadron – Another airplane game
• CtC (Crush the Castle) - $1.99 (free version, too). Really fun game where you crush castles with a trebuchet

BTW, you may wonder how I got these screenshots from my iPhone.  Hold the sleep (power) button down and then press the round home button.  Cheers!


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Monday, October 5, 2009

Joining the Dark Side

So, I finally joined the dark side by getting an Apple iPhone 3GS and.... I absolutely love it.  It's nothing short of awesome.

Now that the iPhone support most of the features of ActiveSync for Exchange 2007/2010, I can say it's almost enterprise ready.  I say "almost" because it still requires iTunes and it doesn't support all the ActiveSync policy features.

Even so, for me, it's a truly fabulous device that I can use as my phone, email device, music player and more.  Oh, so much more.  I love all the apps!

And best of all, it just plain works.  No more tinkering in the Windows Mobile registry, trying new ROMS, etc. just to try to get it to work the way I want.  The iPhone works -- right out of the box.

I highly recommend it.

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